Bradley Lau Sworn In as President of HOS at Annual Banquet

Bradley Lau Sworn In as President of HOS at Annual Banquet

The Honolulu Orchid Society held its Annual Banquet at the Hale Ikena Restaurant on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

The banquet was attended by 60 members and guests on a beautiful Sunday morning.  The brunch line opened at 10:00 AM.  HOS was first in line.


Those who attended were treated to a fabulous brunch.

It was all you can eat.

The Hale Ikena banquet room was a nice setting.  There was a lot of side conversations on orchids and other topics.

HOS had a room to themselves.  The room was right next to the buffet.  This was the eleventh consecutive year that HOS has held its Annual Banquet at Hale Ikena.

Everyone took their time eating. Many went for seconds and thirds.


Outgoing President Ruth Chun convened the 2016 Officers and Trustees for the last time.

Outgoing President Ruth Chun presents a gift certificate to 2016 Orchidists of the Year Robert and JoAnn Higuchi.

These are the 2017 Officers and Trustees for HOS. They were sworn in by Roy Andrade, President of the Ewa Orchid Society.

President Bradley Lau presents Outgoing President Ruth Chun with a beautiful bouquet of Phalaenopsis orchids.  Ruth Chun served six years as President of HOS.

The program ended with lucky number drawing of plants purchased from H&R Nueseries, Kodama Orchid Nursery and Calvin Kumano. Also donations were received from George and Judy Hidano, Lorenzo and Rae Ordinado, and Mel Waki.

Inez Brunson raises her hand when her name was called during the lucky number drawing.  The plants were delivered to the winners by members of the new Board.

Everyone received at least four plants.  Many of the plants were flowering plants.  It was a nice banquet.  Everyone went home smiling.  They got their money’s worth.

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  1. Great way to start a new year; happy smiling faces all enjoying the good food, wonderful fellowship, lots of free plant give-aways in the elegant Hale Ikena banquet room.

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