Much Mahalo for Those Who Contributed to the Great Silent Auction 2017

Much Mahalo for Those Who Contributed to the Great Silent Auction 2017

The Honolulu Orchid Society (HOS) deeply thanks the efforts of the many volunteers that made our March 2017 Silent Auction a success.

This could not have been possible without the generous support and plant donations from the following nurseries and businesses:

Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, Carmela Orchids, Exotic Orchids of Maui, H&R Nurseries, Hawaii Pacific Orchids, Hilo Orchid Farm, Island Sun Orchids, Kapalana Orchids, Kawamoto Orchid Nursery, Kiilani Gift and Garden, Kodama Orchid Nursery, Kogachi Orchids, Konishi Orchids, Long Life Orchids, Neuman’s Nursery, Olomana Orchids, Orchidpeople, Orchids N Paradise, Orchidworks, Pacific Island Nursery, Penny’s Orchids, Quintal Farms, S&W Orchids, Sam’s Orchids, Simplot, Tropical Orchid Farm, and Winning Orchids.

We also appreciate donations from the following individuals:

Calvin and Sherry Abe, Inez Brunson, Ken and Aileen Ching, Ruth Chun, Bob and Jo Ann Higuchi, Calvin Kumano, Lea Takafuji, Kate Leonard, Margaret Lin, Mae Matsumoto, Dorothy Nakama, Kathy Sakuda, Ian sandison, Doris Taitano, Jan Takamiya, Mel and Pam Waki, Nathan Wong, Walter Wong, and Williette Wong,

HOS also thanks the planning and work done by Ben Kodama, Jr., who chaired the Auction. He has been the Chair for the Silent Auction for many years.

And finally we wish to thank those who attended and bid on the plants and items at the auction. Your generosity and energy fueled our memorable event. We appreciate it and welcome you back next March for the HOS Great Silent Auction 2018.


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