Proposed Change to HOS By-Laws

Proposed Change to HOS By-Laws

The Honolulu Orchid Society Board of Trustees is recommending a change to the Society By-Laws to reduce the number of the members required for a quorum from fifty (50) to thirty (30). The Board believes this amendment is important because the Society by-laws state that the bylaws can only be amended at a meeting of the Society in which a quorum is present and recent experiences suggest that it may be difficult to get fifty members present at a meeting. The proposed change to the By-Laws will be put to a vote before the membership at the Society’s September 13, 2017 meeting. At least fifty members of the Society must be present at the meeting before the proposed change can be put to a vote.

The Notice of Proposed Change to the Bylaws of the Honolulu Orchid Society Incorporated can be found here:  Notice of Proposed Change.

Members are strongly encouraged to attend the general membership meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. The Society has arranged to have Tanya Lam of San Jose, California, to speak that evening. Tanya has given many orchid talks to societies in the San Francisco Bay area and many cities where she conducts her Human Resources System consulting businesses. She has traveled to many parts of the world and has seen orchids growing in their habitats in Australia, Bahamas, China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. At the September 13 Honolulu Orchid Society (HOS) meeting Tanya will speak on “The Long Lasting and Frequently Blooming Orchid Species”.

Let’s make the September 13 meeting the largest attended HOS meeting of the year. Besides our special agenda and speaker, there will be special refreshments and door prizes. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM in the Lanakila Elementary School Cafeteria. Guests are more than welcome.

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