2010 HOS Orchid Show All Pau

The 2010 Honolulu Orchid Society Show is over.  The Show was closed by Show Chairman Williette Wong at 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 10, 2010. 

Four orchid societies (Aiea, Hawaii Kai, Kunia and Windward) put up displays.  There were 11 vendors.

Windward Orchid Society Display (2010 HOS Show)
The Windward Orchid Society won first place for the Best Display Competition.  They received $200 for their first place prize.

Aiea Orchid Club Display (2010 HOS Show)
The Aiea Orchid Club won second place for the Best Display Competition.

Hawaii Kai Orchid Society Display (2010 HOS Show)
The Hawaii Kai Orchid Society won third place for the Best Display Competition.

Kunia Orchid Society Display (2010 HOS Show)
The Kunia Orchid Society had several trophies in their display.

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