Orchid Mix Bagged for Sale at HOS Show

A work crew from the Honolulu Orchid Society met at the Kodama Orchid Nursery early Saturday morning (September 29) to mix and bag a special media for growing orchids.  The special media will be sold at the Honolulu Orchid Show for $15 per bag or 2 bags for $25.  Each bag holds 20 quarts of the special media.

Ben Kodama, Jr., and Calvin Abe pour orchid bark into a commercial mixer at the Kodama Orchid Nursery.
Ben Kodama, Jr., adds perlite, dolomite, fertilizer and other special ingreadients into the mixer.
Ben Kodama, Jr., fires up the gas driven mixer. Calvin Abe looks on.
The special media is poured into large tubs for bagging.
Stephen De Witt and Weylen Wong measure and place the media into buckets.
Ronald Yamauchi, Ruth Chun and Ben Kodama, Sr., pour the media into plastic bags.
Sherry Abe, Ong Wong and Carol De Witt neatly staple the bags.
Ben Sills, Carol De Witt and Ong Wong place the stapled bags onto a waiting pickup truck.
The work crew pose for a photo after the work is done. Much thanks go to the Ben Kodama’s for letting HOS use their facilities and equipment.