About Us

Aloha and welcome! 

Whether you’re trying to keep your one orchid plant alive, or you’re already a serious orchid lover, we welcome you to join us.

We are intellectually curious, creative, and generous of spirit. We come from different backgrounds. We are hobbyists, commercial growers, students, researchers, educators, novices, kupuna.

Our members have fun learning together, talking story over ‘ono food, sharing plants and advice, and working together to create our annual orchid show…just to name a few things we do!

We are grateful for all our members who contribute their unique skills, mentor, pose questions, pitch in to help, and share with our community in many ways.


Our founders wanted to grow beautiful orchids at a time when the skills for success with orchids were little known or shared. To pool their ideas and improve methods, a group of friends decided an organization was needed. Gathering under a large monkeypod tree at Goichi Miwa’s residence on Dec 3, 1939, the friends formed the Honolulu Orchid Society. 

The Society held its first orchid show, featuring a display of yellow cattleyas, in May 1940, at the Young Buddhist Association auditorium. In 1941, World War II halted HOS activities. In 1946, the Society reorganized under the leadership of Thomas Feiteira, and meetings and shows resumed.

The society grew to 500 members, with an international presence, under the direction of President Dai Yen Chang. In 1951, HOS established a judging system to recognize excellence in orchid culture and hybridizing, and the same year began publication of Na Pua Okika O Hawaii Nei. International interest in Hawaii orchids continued to grow and in 1957 the Second World Orchid Conference was held in Honolulu.

cover of an early issue of Na Pua Okika
An early issue of the Society’s orchid journal, Na Pua Okika O Hawaii Nei

Seventy years later, much has changed, but the Society continues to be dedicated to judging orchids and to publishing the journal now called Na Okika O Hawaii. We hold monthly meetings, put on orchid shows, and participate in activities with other local clubs. The sharing of orchid culture information also takes new forms including presentations via video conferencing and sharing on social media. Come and see us. We usually meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm at Lanakila Elementary School Cafeteria. See our events calendar for program info and directions.

Mailing Address

Honolulu Orchid Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 558
Honolulu, Hawaii  96809-0558