One thousand six hundred thirty-eight flowers and ninety buds on sixty-four inflorescences; amazingly well-bloomed plant grown in a decaying five-inch wooden basket, overall width of plant fifty-four centimeters wide and seventy-nine centimeters in length; flowers red orange and in pristine condition. Natural spread horizontal 1.0 cm, vertical 1.0 cm; dorsal sepal width 0.5 cm, length 0.8 cm; petals width 0.5 cm, length 0.8 cm; lateral sepals width 0.5 cm, length 0.8 cm; lip width 0.1 cm, length 0.6 cm.

Award Number2022-37
Award Date05/21/2022
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant Nameampullacea
CultivarOrange Punch
OwnerCalvin & Sherry Abe
PhotographerMel Waki