One flower and no buds on a single inflorescence; markedly flat dorsal sepal white, basal half striped olive green becoming burgundy distally, outer edge white; petals pink, basely olive green with dark burgundy hirsute spots on outer edge; pouch dark burgundy; substance firm; texture glossy. Natural spread horizontal 8.0 cm, vertical 7.5 cm; dorsal sepal width 6.2 cm, length 4.2 cm; petals width 1.5 cm, length 5.0 cm; lip width 2.4 cm, length 4.2 cm.

Award Number2022-38
Award Date05/21/2022
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant Namecallosum
CultivarNuuanu Flame
OwnerNuuanu Orchids
PhotographerMel Waki