Five flowers and no buds on two inflorescences; sepals light lavender; petals peloric, background lavender, centerline yellow with bright purple veining fusing to bright purple flaring distally; lip basally yellow with bright purple veins merging into a solid bright purple distal flare; column cream with a light pink blushing, anther cap white; substance moderately firm; texture crystalline. Natural spread horizontal 13.4 cm, vertical 15.0 cm; dorsal sepal width 4.0 cm, length 8.0 cm; petals width 7.1 cm, length 7.0 cm; lateral sepals width 4.1 cm, length 7.5 cm; lip width 6.5 cm, length 8.8 cm.

Award Number2022-53
Award Date06/11/2022
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant NameHawaiian Lightning
OwnerScot & Karen Mitamura
PhotographerMel Waki