Four staked flowers and no buds on two inflorescences; sepals and petals white with magenta flares on distal tips; lip ruffled on margins, magenta along lower two thirds and distal half of lip, throat yellow; column and anther cap white; substance firm; texture matte. Natural spread horizontal 6.4 cm, vertical 17.8 cm; dorsal sepal width 3.7 cm, length 9.4 cm; petals width 7.8 cm, length 8.3 cm; lateral sepals width 3.5 cm, length 9.0 cm; lip width 7.5 cm, length 9.7 cm.

Award Number2022-55
Award Date07/09/2022
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant NameMomilani Classic
OwnerCalvin Kumano
PhotographerMel Waki