Two flowers on one erect stem; flowers overall pristine white, tips of the petals and sepals magenta pink intensifying to a dark magenta streak toward the center of the base; lip has a light yellow throat radiating from the base of the column and fimbriated with dark lavender pink around the edge; shape of flower shows Rlc. California Girl heritage. Natural spread horizontal 13.5 cm, vertical 14.8 cm; dorsal sepal width 3.5 cm, length 8.4 cm; petals width 7.5 cm, length 8.2 cm; lateral sepals width 3.2 cm, length 7.8 cm; lip width 7.8 cm, length 8.4 cm.

Award Number2022-72
Award Date10/24/2022
VenueAiea Orchid Club Meeting
Plant NameSueno de Amor
OwnerCalvin Kumano
PhotographerMel Waki