One flower and no buds on one staked inflorescence; dorsal sepal hooded with undulated margins yellow with apple green veination centrally; syn-sepal round, yellow with suffused green veination; petals tear drop, down-swept with delicate undulation on upper margin, yellow with green overlay medially; pouch apple green with maroon ocellar spots proximally; staminode yellow with apple green centrally; substance medium; texture glossy. Natural spread horizontal 9.5 cm, vertical 9.5 cm; dorsal sepal width 7.0 cm, length 6.0 cm; petals width 3.0 cm, length 9.7 cm; lateral sepals width 6.0 cm, length 6.0 cm; lip width 2.7 cm, length 5.0 cm.

Award Number2022-79
Award Date12/10/2022
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant Name(Maiden Paradise x Hsinying Little Stone)
CultivarNuuanu Orchids
OwnerNuuanu Orchids
PhotographerMel Waki