Three thousand four hundred eighty-seven flowers and five hundred twenty-seven buds spirally arranged on sixty-two arched pendent inflorescences on a twenty-one inch wide by fourteen and a half inch tall plant grown in a eight inch plastic pot; sequential blooming inflorescence present with senesced flowers basally; flower segments pale yellow, column and anther cap old gold; substance average; texture matte. Natural spread horizontal 0.7 cm, vertical 0.6 cm; dorsal sepal width 1.0 cm, length 0.5 cm; petals width 0.2 cm, length 0.5 cm; lateral sepals width 1.0 cm, length 0.5 cm; lip width 0.2 cm, length 0.3 cm.

Award Number2023-02
Award Date01/14/2023
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant Namepropinquum
OwnerWalter Hiraishi
PhotographerMel Waki