Two large flowers on one inflorescence; sepals chartreuse; petals chartreuse, large with fimbriate margins; lip deep chartreuse becoming lighter distally, heavily fimbriate margins with light magenta blush; substance firm; texture crystalline; commended for exceptional eye-catching color; substance and form. Natural spread horizontal 17.8 cm, vertical 16.5 cm; dorsal sepal width 2.6 cm, length 9.2 cm; petals width 9.3 cm, length 8.2 cm; lateral sepals width 2.2 cm, length 8.8 cm; lip width 8.1 cm, length 8.7 cm.

Award Number2023-17
Award Date03/11/2023
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant NameGolf Green
CultivarHair Pig
OwnerScot & Karen Mitamura
PhotographerRoy Andrade