Two flowers and no buds on one inflorescence; sepals and petals rose-fuchsia, proximally-veined darker rose; lip yellow, heavily overlaid dark red distally, heavily veined dark red proximally, margins undulate; column white, overlaid fuchsia; anther cap white; substance firm; texture velvety. Natural spread horizontal 9.7 cm, vertical 10.8 cm; dorsal sepal width 2.4 cm, length 6.2 cm; petals width 5.1 cm, length 5.3 cm; lateral sepals width 3.1 cm, length 5.1 cm; lip width 3.6 cm, length 5.2 cm.

Award Number2023-19
Award Date03/27/2023
VenueAiea Orchid Club Meeting
Plant NameArnie’s Life
OwnerCalvin Kumano
PhotographerMel Waki