Eighty well-presented creamy-white flowers and one bud on nineteen upright inflorescences; sepals and petals back-spotted royal purple; lip tri-lobed, side lobe interiors light apple-green, well defined royal-purple stripes transitioning to spots at midlobe; column and anther cap white; substance firm; texture crystalline. Natural spread horizontal 12.0 cm, vertical 9.6 cm; dorsal sepal width 1.6 cm, length 5.7 cm; petals width 2.7 cm, length 6.0 cm; lateral sepals width 1.5 cm, length 5.0 cm; lip width 2.6 cm, length 4.7 cm.

Award Number2023-20
Award Date03/27/2023
VenueAiea Orchid Club Meeting
Plant NamePaul Paquette
OwnerMel & Pam Waki
PhotographerMel Waki