Fifty-nine flowers and eleven buds on seven inflorescences; foliage clean and pseudobulbs grown compactly in 12-inch wire basket; sepals and petals light lime green; lip very light green with ebony pigment centrally; column lime green; substance firm; texture matte; well bloomed for pant size. Natural spread horizontal 9.8 cm, vertical 6.2 cm; dorsal sepal width 2.0 cm, length 4.3 cm; petals width 1.1 cm, length 4.3 cm; lateral sepals width 1.2 cm, length 4.8 cm; lip width 2.3 cm, length 3.4 cm.

Award Number2023-33
Award Date06/08/2023
VenueAiea Orchid Show
Plant Namepandurata
OwnerCalvin & Sherry Abe
PhotographerMel Waki