Four staked well-presented flowers and no buds on one inflorescence; sepals white with undulation, ivory with violet overlay, irregular distal dark purple spots; petals undulated and pinched, ivory with blue violet overlay, sparse distal spotting; lip sidelobes tubular with ruffled midlobe, side lobes ivory, light blue violet overlay; throat yellow, midlobe veining dark purple distally; anther cap ivory; substance very heavy; texture light crystalline. Natural spread horizontal 11.5 cm, vertical 11.6 cm; dorsal sepal width 2.2 cm, length 7.0 cm; petals width 2.6 cm, length 6.7 cm; lateral sepals width 2.5 cm, length 5.5 cm; lip width 3.3 cm, length 5.2 cm.

Award Number2023-39
Award Date06/08/2023
VenueAiea Orchid Show
Plant NamePittiae
OwnerScot & Karen Mitamura
PhotographerMel Waki