Forty-seven flowers and no buds on thirteen well-presented inflorescences; eight flowers on inflorescence judged; sepals and petals egg-shell white; lip egg-shell white with lime green throat, maroon striations below the column; substance firm; texture crystalline. Natural spread horizontal 9.0 cm, vertical 8.3 cm; dorsal sepal width 1.5 cm, length 5.0 cm; petals width 4.5 cm, length 5.5 cm; lateral sepals width 1.8 cm, length 5.0 cm; lip width 4.7 cm, length 4.9 cm.

Award Number2024-18
Award Date03/21/2024
VenueKunia Orchid Show
Plant NameThomas Warne
OwnerDoug DeMoss
PhotographerMel Waki