Na Okika and Na Pua Okika

Na Pua Okika/Na Okika:

HOS’s first publication came to print in the summer of 1951 under the name Na Pua Okika O Hawaii Nei. The name changed to Na Okika O Hawaii Hawaii Orchid Journal in Spring of 1972. The publication highlights the society’s accomplishments and events throughout the year. Lists of awarded plants, advice on orchid culture, Hawaiian hybrids, and the society’s history can be found in this journal. A strong recommendation for members interested in seeing how the society has progressed over the years.

Na Pua Okika O Hawaii Nei Oct. 1951

Brassolaeliocattleya Myophia var. Hardesty, Orchid Show, Dendrobium Dark Victory var. Conklin, Tomato Pudding and Seed Germination, Plant Pathology, Hilo Orchid Show, Hawaiian Dendrobium Hybrids, Dendrobium Tokui, Brassavola nodosa, Hawaii Orchid Show, Awards Committee, Phalaerianda Honolulu
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