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Culture Sheets

The Honolulu Orchid Society Lending Library

The Honolulu Orchid Society offers its members a wonderful selection of orchid-related materials. Members can choose from books, various orchid society publications, orchid magazines, and. Members can check out materials with the librarian at the monthly meetings. The length of the checkout period is one (1) month and members are expected to return the materials at the next meeting, unless prior arrangements with the librarian have been made. In the unfortunate case of lost materials, the member will be responsible for the cost of the replacement.

AOS Publications

The American Orchid Society has published many different publications including: Orchids magazine, AOS Bulletin, Awards Quarterly, and Genera specific magazines. Some highlights of these publications are: mainland growers and growing conditions, AOS awarded plants, exotic genera and hybrids, international orchid trips, and orchid history.


Orchid books cater to both beginning growers and master growers. Books can offer general orchid culture or information on a specific genera or type of orchid. Some books give a little more detail in the natural growing conditions of specific countries and regions, which might be helpful for species orchid growers with a stubborn orchid or two.

Na Pua Okika & Na Okika

The Honolulu Orchid Society’s publications, Na Pua Okika and Na Okika are available to members in an online digital library. HOS Librarian Jed Smith collected and scanned all 242 issues of the Honolulu Orchid Societyʻs orchid journals, Na Pua Okika O Hawaii Nei and Na Okika O Hawaii. They are presented here for their historical interest and value as a record of orchid collecting, hybridizing and culture, judging and the orchid community in Hawaii. Circumstances and understanding change over time and some of the articles make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with current practices and understanding. For example, certain pesticides mentioned are no longer approved for use.

“I am so happy that the Honolulu Orchid Society’s rich history is
documented and accessible!”

~ Jan Takamiya

UH Publications Search

University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) Publications Search

Please Note: The CTAHR publications database reflects over a century of study by researchers and extension agents in the College. Much of the information contained in earlier publications is still of practical and technical use, and the documents are an unparalleled resource for Hawai’i agricultural and horticultural history. However, some publications also make recommendations that are no longer in accordance with more recent advances in understanding. For instance, they may specify pesticides or methods of using them that are no longer allowable under current State or federal regulations. Before using any pesticide, always read its label for approved uses, and follow label directions for application. Other publications may advocate the use of particular plant species that are now considered invasive. The Invasive Species Council is continually making assessments on this matter; see their Web site at https://www.hawaiiinvasivespecies.org for the latest recommendations on the identification and control of these species.

Academic Programs and Botanical Gardens

Orchid Clubs and Societies

Orchid Growers

  • Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, Volcano
  • Bromeliads Hawaii, Hilo
  • Carmela Orchids, Hakalau
  • Exotic Orchids of Maui, Haiku
  • H&R Nurseries, Waimanalo
  • Hawaii Hybrids, Hilo
  • Hilo Orchid Farm, Mountain View
  • Island Sun Orchids, Keaau
  • Kalapana Orchids, Kurtistown
  • Kawamoto Orchid Nursery, Honolulu
  • Kiilani Gift and Garden, Waianae
  • Ben Kodama Orchid Nursery, Waianae
  • Kogachi Orchids, Waianae
  • Kenneth Konishi Orchids, Waianae
  • Calvin Kumano Orchids, Waianae
  • Long Life Orchids, Hilo
  • Newman’s Nursery, Keaau
  • Olomana Orchids, Kaneohe
  • Orchid Eros, Mountain View
  • Orchid People, Kamuela
  • Orchids of Waianae, Waianae
  • Pacific Island Nursery, Keaau
  • Penny’s Orchids, Waianae
  • S&W Orchids, Waianae
  • Sam’s Orchids, Waianae
  • Tropical Orchid Farm, Haiku
  • Winning Orchids, Mountain View