One hundred eight tangerine orange flowers and nineteen buds on fourteen well-presented upright symmetric inflorescences; well grown plant with clean leaves measuring 21 inches high by 36 inches wide in a 20-inch plastic pot growing in bark media. Natural spread horizontal 7.8 cm, vertical 7.6 cm; dorsal sepal width 0.8 cm, length 4.5 cm; petals width 0.9 cm, length 3.8 cm; lateral sepals width 0.8 cm, length 4.0 cm; lip width 1.3 cm, length 3.3 cm.

Award Number2023-60
Award Date10/12/2023
VenueHOS Show
Plant NameGolden Peacock
CultivarOrange Beauty
OwnerMel & Pam Waki
PhotographerMel Waki