Approximately one thousand eighty minute burnt orange flowers and approximately one hundred eighty buds on eighteen upright foxtail inflorescences with an average length of fourteen and a half centimeters presented above the dark green foliage and evenly distributed in a sixteen centimeter plastic basket; grown in sphagnum moss; overall plant height twenty-four centimeters, plant width thirty-nine centimeters. Natural spread horizontal 0.6 cm, vertical 0.9 cm; dorsal sepal width 0.2 cm, length 0.5 cm; petals width 0.1 cm, length 0.3 cm; lateral sepals width 0.2 cm, length 0.4 cm; lip width 0.2 cm, length 0.4 cm.

Award Number2024-01
Award Date01/13/2024
VenueLanakila Senior Center
Plant Namegrossa
OwnerJed Smith
PhotographerMel Waki