Three hundred seventeen flowers and eighty-nine buds on eighteen axillary inflorescences on a well grown plant with nine mostly upright canes; plant sixteen centimeter wide by seventy-one centimeter tall growing in a 6-inch plastic pot with fir bark mix; flowers typica of the species; sepals and petals white; lip white with heavy amethyst marking, column white, anther cap cream; substance firm; texture glossy. Natural spread horizontal 3.5 cm, vertical 2.7 cm; dorsal sepal width 0.6 cm, length 1.5 cm; petals width 0.5 cm, length 1.7 cm; lateral sepals width 0.5 cm, length 2.1 cm; lip width 0.5 cm, length 1.6 cm.

Award Number2024-21
Award Date03/21/2024
VenueKunia Orchid Show
Plant Nameamethystoglossum
CultivarPenny’s Luck
OwnerHenry & Penny Hattal
PhotographerMel Waki