The Christmas Potluck Story

The Honolulu Orchid Society held its Christmas Potluck Dinner on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, at the Lanakila Elementary School Cafeteria.  The following photographs give a good portrayal of what happened at the potluck.  Click on the photos to get full size images.

Walter and Emiko talked story while waiting for the potluck to start.

President Ruth Chun opened the meeting/potluck at around 6:30 PM.  In this photo, she read a letter from Washington Middle School thanking the Society for donating $3,000 to the school and $1,000 to the school’s Special Olympics Team.

The potluck line opened at around 6:45 PM.  Members and guest formed an orderly line.






Covers are removed before picking on the many dishes brought by members and guests.  There was a variety of different dishes. 

Gradually the food line got shorter.

Sometimes it was hard to decide on what to put on the plate.








Lines formed on both sides of the table to make things go faster.

There was a separate line for starches and another for dessert.

Ian and Kate left room on their plates for dessert.  The food was great.  The Society has many good cooks.







All of these plants were given away by the end of the night.

Robert held the dice as wife JoAnn and others watched.  This was one of the games organized by Ruth.

Another game was played concurrently with that being played on the table above.






Everyone was winning and smiling.  It was hard not to win.

Charlotte organized the Stand-Up Bingo game.  In this photo, she called out the numbers.  Brad kept track of the numbers called.

Everyone played the Stand-Up Bingo game.  They wanted the flowering plants which were given away as prizes.  In the end, everyone went home with a full stomach and plants and plastic trays and other prizes.  It was a joyous and happy occasion.

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  1. Thank you Mel for capturing the Christmas “spirit” shared by HOS members and guests. Mahalo to all who worked to make this a successful holiday event!

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