HOS 2024 Silent Auction Rules

Wednesday, March 13, 2024
7:00 PM in the Lanakila Elementary School Cafeteria

717 N. Kuakini Street 

Auction is open to the Public.

Many nurseries have provided or donated unusual, large or flowering orchid plants which will be offered by either open bid or secret bid.    Arrive by 7:00 PM to receive instructions, then participate in bidding.

The Silent Auction will have:
Open Bidding
• Write your full name and bid amount on item bidding sheet. Minimum bid and bidding increments will be specified on each sheet. You will be able to see the bids.

Secret Bidding
• Print your First and last name and bid in $1 increments on a Bid Form provided by the Auction Committee. Fold the Bid Form and place face down under the item or a designated pot. Take care not to damage the plant. You are not allowed to examine the bids, not even your own.

Bidding Rules
• Bidders will be allowed about 45 minutes (exact time to be announced by the Auction Chairperson) to inspect the auction items and place their bids. You are not allowed to withdraw a bid once it has been made, but you may bid multiple times on the same item. Bids must make the minimum bid requirement (if not it will be disqualified) increments of one dollar or as marked.

• When bidding ends all bidding areas are closed and you may enjoy refreshments while Auction Staff identify the winning bids.

• Items are subject to change or to be withdrawn without notice at any time. Listen to the Auction chairperson for updates and changes.

• Winning bidders agree to pay in full the amount of winning bid at the conclusion of the auction. All items are sold as-is. All Sales are final. If any item is left unclaimed, it will become the property of HOS.

• We can take cash or checks payable to “HOS” or “Honolulu Orchid Society.”.
Reminder- Bring boxes or trays to transport your purchases home.

Sneak Peek

Just a preview of some of the orchids donated by Hawaii nurseries and friends that will be available at the auction.  See the Honolulu Orchid Society’s March 2024 Newsletter for more details about the auction.